Defining the Best in Business

The best in business award program was created to offer consumers a way to easily identify those businesses or business professionals that truly stand out. That’s why only those businesses that have been nominated by local consumers will be considered eligible to receive the award. Consumers who are interested in nominating a business or business owners who want to learn more about the program and how it works can find basic information about the selection process below.

Consumer Nominations

There’s a good reason that companies can only be eligible to win the best in business award after being nominated by their customers. Customer satisfaction typically indicates ethical business practices, a concern for providing quality goods or services, and a solid reputation in the local community. These factors, in turn, typically indicate that a company truly stands out from its competition.

The Selection Process

The selection process for the best in business award is quite rigorous. It begins each spring as online nominations are confirmed, and includes everything from a check of the company’s Better Business Bureau score and response history to an assessment interview. The selection criteria are also quite comprehensive and range from insurance coverage levels to years of experience and customer service procedures.

The Rationale

Remember that this award program is not a popularity contest. The company that wins it will not necessarily be the one that receives the most consumer nominations, but there’s a good reason for this selection process.

The average consumer can only testify to his or her experience with a company and typically has no advanced knowledge of the company’s history or isolated compliance issues and incidents. Uncovering issues that could disqualify a company from receiving the award requires industry knowledge and extensive research. Without this elite selection process, the award would be meaningless.

The Award

Once a business has received this award in a particular category, it will be able to display the award on its online and print marketing materials. There will be a cooperative advertising fee for those who choose to purchase ads through the program, but this fee will go toward paying for additional marketing materials and underwrite the award’s ongoing campaign. Winning businesses typically find that they are more than able to make back this minimal fee in increased sales very quickly.

Learn More Today

Interested in learning more about the nomination or selection process? Head over to to get additional information, view previous recipients, find answers to frequently asked questions, or nominate a business today.

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